Nine Muses

Christoffer Lejdborg

Business isn’t what it used to be

You hear it over and over… ”Digitalization changes everything!”

It’s constantly iterated how Spotify changed the music industry, Uber is changing taxi and Airbnb is changing the hotel industry. That to be relevant in the future you need to learn from their example.

But your industry is not music, or taxi, or hotels… So, what is it that you are supposed to learn?

You can listen endlessly to various predictions of the future, but you know what the dark secret is? No one has a damn clue what will change in the next five years! Some guesses may turn out to be true – but no one actually knows.

Technology advances so fast that no single individual can keep up with all of it… No less predict what might be invented even next year.

And on top of that – laws and regulations are rapidly changing too, trying to keep up with the technical advances. For example, what do you know of the Data Protection Regulation? What you may not yet realize, is that it’s a game changer – and certainly affects your business!

Digitalization is rapidly changing everything, and ”business as we know it” is no longer that. Entire industries are being reshaped or reinvented by startups and corporations all over the world.

In order to thrive in the future, you need to keep up. You need to adapt and embrace the changes – or your business will slowly perish.

How are you affected by changes in your industry? And what direction should you pursue as the next step on your digital journey?

Get in touch and we'll find out together.

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Create your "In Case of Emergency" file, and store it safely in the cloud. Collect passwords, contracts, important documents and more. Stored encrypted in one safe place.

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Run My Security

AlarmView helps you control and monitor your alarm system. When the alarm is triggered, you will receive the pictures directly on your smartphone. Suitable for both home and business owners.

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Nine Muses is a solo consultancy run by Christoffer Lejdborg. My clients are some of the leading Swedish corporations in their respective industries.

I help European service businesses embrace technology and strengthen their market position.
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