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Gorgeous Markdown composer for your Mac.
Fully supports vanilla Markdown, GitHub Markdown and YAML front matter.

Your Flavor of Markdown

Erato comes with full support for Vanilla Markdown, GitHub Markdown and YAML frontmatter, as well as partial support for MultiMarkdown.

Super Fast Previews

Markdown authors love Erato for its unmatched speed. The previewer swiftly handles large documents without hiccups.

Smart Auto-Insert

While composing, Erato automatically inserts new list items, code indents and blockquote markers. But it is smart enough to know when you don't need them.

Synchronized Scrolling

Activate synchronized scrolling in Erato's settings and the preview pane will follow what you are looking at in the compose pane.

Versions & Autosave

You should feel completely secure while working on your documents. Erato was built to work flawlessly with the built-in autosave and version control system of OSX.

Quicklook for Markdown

Quicklook in OSX is a fantastic tool to quickly preview your documents. With Erato installed, Quicklook gains the ability to render stunning Markdown previews.

Made for Code

If you are a programmer writing documentation in Markdown, Erato will serve you perfectly. Fenced code blocks are beautifully highlighted in the previewer.

Handy Checklists

The support for GitHub flavored Markdown enables a handy syntax for creating checklists. Just type - [ ] or - [x] to get started.

Four Beautiful Themes

Erato ships with four stunning themes: Light, Midnight, Solarized Light and Solarized Dark. It's super easy to customize your own themes.

Export as PDF and HTML

Markdown was designed to be easy to read as-is, but sometimes you want to send your client or collegue a prerendered document. Erato offers PDF and HTML exports.

Try Erato free for 7 days or Buy it on the App Store
Try Erato free for 7 days or Buy it on the Mac App Store
Erato requires OSX 10.7 or later
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